Alexandria, Virginia, USA; August 29, 2010

Name: nicole rivera

Date of Sighting: 8/29/10

Location of Sighting: alexandria,virginia

Shape(s) of UFO(s): squarish

Size(s) of UFO(s): twice as big as a star

Color(s) of UFO(s): grayish with lights

Number of UFO(s): 4 or 3

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): east

Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): trees

Further Description of Sighting: i was staying up late i started to see blue lights flashing out of my window and i saw this object with red and green lights travel it soon disappeared in trees i was like what the and i kept staring and another one appeared this one was slightly bigger and it again disappeared into the trees and then another one appeared and this one came towards my house and it got bigger and bigger and i was scared so i got out the window this one was the size of a huge moon then i look out all my windows it was not there

Woodlawn, Carroll County, Virginia, USA; February 14, 1974

Name: Frederick S. Whitaker

Date: February 14, 1974

Location: Woodlawn, Virginia

Message: 14 February 1974 at approximately 21:00 I was at Woodlwan Intermediate School in Woodlawn, VA. located halfway between Hillsville and Galax Virgina in Carroll County. The event was our Valentines Day Dance. I was only 14 years old and in the 8th grade. This event was so memorable and permanently emdedded in my memory because it was so dramatic. It had a huge impact on me and has remained so ever since I witnessed what you are about to read.

I was attending the dance alone- dateless- I was only 14 years old and not yet dating at full-steam. Because of my singular attendance, I was bored and stepped out into the hallway adjacent to our cafeteria where the dance took place. At the southwest entrance door peering outward, the night was very crisp, cold and a beautiful clear Blue Ridge Mountains winter night. You could actually see the outline of the distant mountain tops of Mt. Rogers and White Top Mountain in Grayson County nearby. I was looking outward in the direction of the two mountains, located in Grayson County Virgina approximately 50 miles away. These two mountains are both exceeding 1 mile elevation, making them clearly visible and unobstructed from almost any position, day or night, within 60 to 70 miles radius of the area of SouthWestern Virginia and Northwest North carolina.

While standing at the doorway, I peered outside through the glass in boredom from the dance. I noticed a huge blue fireball with a white contrail descending through the clearly lit sky, streaking through the sky at an incredible speed, approaching the ground at a 25-30 degree angle of approach. I remember thinking about how I could actually hear the roar of this fireball approaching above the roar of adjacent music from the dance inside in the cafeteria!

After about 2 seconds of visible and audible flight time, the blue fireball raced through the winter night sky approaching from the North at an incredibe rate of speed. It impacted the ground with a huge flash of exploding blue and white light! The explosion that resulted appeared to be in the vicinity of the 2 mountains I mentioned above- Mt. Rogers and White Top about 50 miles in distant view.

Approximately 5 to 10 seconds (and possibly even as much as 20 seconds- seconds felt like minutes at that moment) afterwards, the resulting shockwave from the exploding blue white object shook the ground and door where I was observing. I remember thinking that it had to be a huge object to produce the resulting shockwave through the earth and thundering noise that I could hear over the roar of the music from the dance. I initially had trouble comprehending what I had just witnessed! It was a very short, extremely dramatic and even frightening event!

I can only specualate whether this impacting object was a meteor; something man-made; or even extra-terrestial. I don’t remember hearing or reading anything about this dramatic incident even days after it happened in any local or national news media. The impact must have occurred in an isolated area or unpopulated region in or near the two mountains mentioned earlier above. That may explain why it went un-reported.

I don’t know why the event was not publicized? It is a true mystery to this day. Surely, there were others besides myself that witnessed this dramatic event? But I never heard anyone else ever speak of the event. I subsequently did not try to discuss the event with anyone for fear of persecution as a “nut job” Regardless of what the objct may have been, it was a huge impact that produced earth-shaking dramatic results!

An observatory or other agency may have observed the event that night remotely? Alternatively, I have never heard or read of the event in any newspaper or any other publication. It may be catalogued obscurely in someone’s astronomical log somewhere. Surely, I was not the only person to observe such a dramatic event that night?

To this day, I never discussed the event with anyone. I was the only student in the hallway at that time. All other students were in cafeteria oblivious to what I witnessed. I can only speculate as to the origins of the object that impacted the Earth that night. But having a near-photographic memory, I remember this extreme event with more questions than I have answers. I can only tell you that what I witnessed that “Valentines Day” night in 1974 was something very extraordinary and possibly Extra-Terrestial that impacted the Earth in SouthWestern Virgina with a flash and a bang that also made an everlasting explosive impact in my memory!.

Dinwiddie, Virginia, USA; February 5, 2008

Name: Anonymous

Date: February 5, 2008

Location: Dinwiddie, Virginia

Message: In the past week including this morning when I looked off to the horizon between 5 AM and 6 AM My boyfriend and I saw two lilghts that one could easily mistake for stars. But this morning was especially odd. I looked off to the east at the horizon and I saw the 2 lights but they weren’t as bright this time. Weird thing was they were in front of all the cloud cover.

You couldnt see any stars. Well the one that was closest to earth i guess you could say brightened and as it brightened the other light disappeared then this one disappeared.

I tried to keep a steady eye on them but we were driving. My boyfriend thinks that I am crazy. But they look like they had a triangular shape. Am I crazy??? Oh Live in Dinwiddie. The first morning I saw them from dinwiddie all the way to Staples Mill Rd. In henrico and this was even in the daylight.

Virginia, USA; May 22, 2008

Name: will n. give

Date of Event: Thursday, May 22, 2008 / Approx. 10:05 PM

Location of Event: Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Message: I am by no means a “believer” nor a “non-believer” in UFO’s.

However, approx. 15 minutes ago (10:05pm), my wife, my 4 year old, and myself, where laying in our Coleman tent outside here in NorthWestern Virginia. We were laughing and looking up at the stars & clouds.

Every so often, a jet would fly over high above, but would always be preceded by the jet “noise”.
Then, out of no-where, my wife looked back toward the Western Sky and said, ” Look, What is that ?”

I looked back as well, and I saw a VERY bright singular light traveling East toward us, and it appeared to be descending rapidly.
I was taken back by this, because there was NO audible sound. I know the sights and sounds of aircraft, helicopters & airplanes.
I have a trained eye and ear for detail and not exaggeration, due to my chosen profession, Law Enforcement.

I decided to look outside of the tent, so I unzipped the tent and looked toward that light, and suddenly it became three lights. I was very puzzled !!

No sound, one light, then three??????????

I said to my wife, ” Look at that !!, what could that possibly be?” My little girl was then scared. I told her everything would be alright. I then watched the lights (plural), turn back into one.

Then as suddenly as it appeared, it begin to vanish into ………….thin air ! ……….. GONE !!
Oddly enough, this is the third time in 3 years that we, as a family have experienced this. Not exactly the same every time, but one commom thread is, that it is without ANY LOGICAL explaination.

My wife is a paralegal, and I’m a Cop. We are not into making up “goofy” stories. This happened for sure.
We’ve never told anyone about the 2 prior incidents.
I hope this helps. I don’t understand what we saw.