Montana, USA; 2003

Name: wayne maclean

Date: 2003

Location: Montana

Message: In 2003 in Montana 23 miles outside Lincoln was outside laying on my property in the mountains. Coming over the trees was a white light flying slowly coming in my direction. No sound it was white. It was no more then the size of a basket ball. As it slowly came over me behind a tree it stopped just behind the branches above the tree I was laying next too. I tryed to get a better look threw the branches and it just went out. The event from beginning to end lasted about 20 minutes.

Mystic Lake, Montana, USA; June 20, 2008

Name: Ty

Date: June 20, 2008

Location: Mystic Lake, Montana

Message: Yeah we were up at the trailhead of Mystic Lake here in Montana camping and all of a sudden a large light came out of the trees and lit up the mountains at night as if it were daytime. I proceeded to watch the orb till morning it moving like nothing I’ve seen before then it suddenly disappeared with the sun coming up in the morning.

Montana, USA; August 1, 2008

Name: jesse

Date of Event: August, 1 2008

Location of Event: Montana

Message: At approximatly 10:30 pm my wife, mother and myself noticed a super bright white light moving from west to east. Was silent very fast and not moving in the direction of commercial airline traffic. Would like to know if anyone else saw the same light. No flashing lights, but a constant bright white.