Altoona, Iowa, USA; February 12, 2008

Name: Wes Nixon

Date of Event: feb 12 2008 eight thirty pm

Location of Event: Altoona Iowa USA

Message: I have seen something else strange again tonight- i was observing the stars out my back patio window then this blood red object appeared out of the western sky all i can say is the object looked like two big red light bulbs stuck together and the lights took turn pulsating back and forth and there was a white light that flashed about every ten seconds on the bottom of the craft it was heading in an easterly direction and was heading east slowly and was flying low it looked bigger then the planes that were flying around tonight kind of spooky stuff don’t you think this was in sight for about five min

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA; May 20, 2009

Name: Wade Wagner

Date: May 20, 2009

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Message: I glanced out my window shortly before midnight on May 20th in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and saw a reddish light that I first thought was a star or planet, but then I noticed the object was moving. It moved slowly toward my direction and then shot straight up at an accelerated rate and disappeared.

I have no idea what it was or the altitude. I am guessing it was at an altitude of 20 to 30,000 feet as I am used to seeing jets pass over us at night–but obviously I did not have an accurate perspective on this observation. I have also seen many meteors and planes, and this was unlike anything else I have seen in my lifetime.

Altoona, Iowa, USA; March 4, 2008

Name: wes nixon

Date of Event: March 4th 2008

Location of Event: Altoona Iowa

Message: Hey lou!

Now this seemed very strange to me lou what i’m about to tell you. Last tuesday during the evening hours there were three jets cirling the area. There was a 2 minute break, and then you could hear loud roars when they were approaching again. Now Lou this was strange these jets continued to circle the area for four hours! They started coming around at about 6:30PM. They then continued to circle around my neighborhood until about 10:00PM.

It seemed like they were looking for something. These jets were traveling fast and performing tight turns as if chasing something! Well Lou thought i would just send this in and see what you think of this whole thing. This seemed very bizarre to me. Thanks Lou Wes