Greers Ferry Lake, Arkansas, USA; July 3, 1978

Name: orvid

Date of Event: July 3,4 1978

Location of Event: Greers Ferry lake..Devils Fork campground..Arkansas

Message: We (myself,Tracy Ziegenbein,John Tew and Allen Ballentine) had just graduated from Ole Main high school in North Little Rock. We decided to camp out at the lake(Greers Ferry) and celebrate our achievement. We went swimming and raising hell for the entire weekend! No one could really drink as well as Tracy, so we were wide awake and watching the stars while he was passed out in the tent. Some one pointed out a fallin star, so we all(except for Tracy) watched the star falling to the ground. But it stopped falling and turned around and spead across the sky.

Greers Ferry is in the back woods of Arkansas and there are no city lights there. The only thing there is a small town and Arkansas’ first atomic power plant. No one really understood what we saw so we just broke out the whisky and went to sleep. The next morning we told Tracy what we saw but he thought we were just drunk. We had another great day swimming and watching all the cute girls. The camp ground was very full so we had a lot of cute girls to play with. When the sun went down we had sobered up and started talking about ufos. Tracy thought he was the only sane person there until here came another falling star that did not fall but just flew around the sky.

We never talked about it any more and since then my best friend Tracy died of cancer. I did not stay in touch with John or Allen. I picked up a book about ufos about 15 years later. I turned to a picture that had a caption “Greers Ferry, July 4th 1978”.It was just a fuzzy picture of a bright light but I realized that someone else at the camp had saw what we did. We didn’t see anything but a light that was really really fast but I can never forget it. I really didn’t think much of it until I picked up the book that had the picture in it.

Russellville, Arkansas, USA; August 1, 2007

Name: James McKinney

Date: 08-01-07  9:40 – 10:00pm

Location: Russellville, Arkansas

Message: About 9:40pm along Inter State 40 A large triagle shape craft flew across the highy way toword the nucler plant. The craft was triagle shape with a large light a each point.  The large craft was acompanied by a smaller craft that was bright and glowing with a flashing light on top. They were fling low enogh that I could clearly see that these were not normale air craft!

About 10 min. later they flew back across in front of me going the same direction in witch they came. Out of sight and they were gone.

Thanks for your time
James McKinney