Stevens County, Washington, USA; September 29, 2017

Name: Ray Bartelds

Date of Event: September 29, 2017

Location of Event: Eastern Washington

Message: “On September 29/30, 2017, sometime between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am, I think around midnight, I witnessed a huge object, larger than the full moon would be. The object was circular, like a planet, and it appeared at first to have a gaseous composition, with no “wings” or tail.

I live in Stevens County, Washington. I was facing the south, generally, working on a car, and didn’t notice it at first. I just noticed the earth tremor-type rumblings I often now hear and feel were intensified. The noise level was way up from what I normally experience.

By the way, this on-and-off trembling started in early 2015 and continues to this day. I have lived here about 50 years and have worked closely with the land, being a farmer. I have not experienced these tremors and sometimes wave-like, rumblings before 2015. It drives me nuts, because no one I know seems to notice them.

Anyway, I noticed that around me, everything lit up like it was breaking dawn, with tints of red and yellow. There were sparkling, dancing lights on the trees. There was a thunder-like and roaring sound too. I looked up and thought at first it was the moon, and that it was way too close as I looked.

This was a planet-like object and was moving from East to Southeast, and down. At first the color was dark red, with a streaky, moving, black cloud, when the bottom suddenly shone bright yellow. I stared in disbelief as I looked hard, that’s not the moon! And I was sure it was going to hit us.

Then suddenly there was this moment when the gas surrounding the mass all swept upwards, towards the top, so that for a short instant, I could see what was underneath. It was very brutalized-looking, I was sure I did see some craters and rough rocky-looking formations.

Real harsh, and very unfriendly was my thought at that moment. The gases were moving around, and going back and forth, obscuring it once more. It then turned a dark red again, only now all the black “gas” was on top.

Then, the black gas started moving in black, hair-like streaks, breaking over the front of it, pulsating from the top toward the bottom while it was moving on past me. I watched as it disappeared from my view, dropping down below the horizon.

The whole event lasted less than 4 minutes. It never hit anything to my knowledge. It was a strange, horrible experience. Keep in mind, that the moon that night was, I think, in it’s waxing phase, because the next night I noticed the moon was a little more than half-moon, and was normal.

No one else I know witnessed this event, I checked online and no one else heard about it. Finally, however, I found a picture of the gas planet “Hercolumbus”, and it looks a lot like it.

Washington, USA; Summer, 1986

Name: Andy Goble

Date of Event: Summer 1986

Location of Event: NW of Wahkiakum County

Message: One night camping in a friends back yard we witnessed about 5 white/orange individual orbs appeared to be in an aerial “Dog Fight” with what seemed to be our military fighter planes.

The orbs could radically out maneuver the jets, making 90 degree changes in direction instantly, stopping completely, or accelerating quickly away. Our fighters were climbing, rolling, and diving attempting to stay effectively engaged with the orbs.

The orbs were firing RED lazar beams and our jets were firing rockets with BLUE flame trails. This encounter lasted some 20 to 30 minutes. There were a couple of fiery explosions, but we couldn’t tell from our distance away what exploded.

The next morning a convoy of unmarked dark blue military vehicles passed going up the valley roads that give access to the forest under the area where this took place in the sky. In the afternoon of the next day the same convoy (a dozen vehicles) came back down the road with 2 lowboy semi trailers hauling objects looking like wreckage under dark blue tarps.

One of the reasons we camped in the back yard was to watch for the crafts my friend had told me had taken samples of the trees and the chimney bricks of their house; I could see where they were cut away. My wife confirms what I remember is the same as what her ex-husband (same friend I camped with that night) had explained to her during their marriage.

Olympia, Washington, USA; Summer, 1981

Name: Barb Nixon

Date of Sighting: Summer of 1981

Location of Sighting: Olympia, Wa on Hwy 8

Shape(s) of UFO(s): round

Size(s) of UFO(s): 2 cars

Number of UFO(s): 1

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: 3-4 stories up

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): Hwy 8 West

Further Description of Sighting: Was driving home from work approx. 11pm at nite on Hwy 8 west of Olympia and spotted what looked like at first a helicopter above the highway. I had thought at first maybe a search helicopter was out looking for someone.

My radio began not to work in my car so then my attention was this thing in front of me above the highway. It’s like it knew what I was thinking. There were a few other vehicles on the highway but it chose to follow me.

I noticed how round it was and it had bright lights all around it flashing. It was not a helicopter. It had then followed me a few more miles till I got home off the highway and by then I was scared.

I got out of my car and ran into the house and looked out the window and it was directly above my house. I tried to wake up my mother so someone else could confirm what I saw. But after a few minutes it had left.

Trout Lake, Washington, USA; August 22, 2014

Name: Julio M. Barriere

Date of Event: August 22, 2014

Location of Event: Trout Lake, Washington

Message: Hi I’m presently at Mt. Adams, Trout Lake, Washington. Micheal Tellinger has a conference here at James Gililand estate. James Gililand and Ed Gremsley are here as well. I’m camping out and I was here two years ago.

Constant Ufos fly over this area every night all night long. I find more traffic with Ufos here than Joshua Tree. Both these places are hotbeds for Ufos and are sacred. Theirs no problems with the star ships that follow me around the world with these other benevolent super beings in both these places that I have travel. I spoke to these guests who came here at Mt. Adams for the first time and they didn’t even know of this disclosure was here.

Its unbelievable how the media doesn’t show our star people to our world. I looked up at the sky and spoke out to these star people that are passing over and also I spoke to the star people that follow me. I told them that we should have more global peace in our world. That all benevolent extraterrestrials should have more peace throughout the intergalactic universes.

I’m traveling around the country and the world to introduce my star fleet. Julio M. Barriere


Shelton, Washington, USA; March, 2011

Name: Steve Martin

Date of Sighting: feb or mar 2011

Location of Sighting: near Shelton Washington

Shape(s) of UFO(s): n/a

Size(s) of UFO(s): n/a

Color(s) of UFO(s): red,blue,yellow n green

Number of UFO(s): n/a

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: couple of hundred feet

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): i think SE

Further Description of Sighting: I walked outside of a friends house to smoke a cigarette. I was looking up at the stars, thinking how clear it was and how bright the stars were. As I looked, a very low cloud went by with multi colored lights flashing behind it.

What’s weird is that as the thing was going across the sky, it was like it wouldn’t compute in my head. It wasn’t until it was long gone that I realized what I had seen. I’ve only told a few close friends and this is the only time I’ll report it.