Ingleton, North Yorkshire, England, UK; July 13, 1997

Date of Sighting: 13-Jul-97 12:48

Location of Sighting: A65 Ingleton, North Yorkshire

Brief Description of sighting: An enormous tube in the sky, perhaps half a mile long and quarter of a mile wide. The shape was made up of a mass of small dots.

Lye Green, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England, UK; July 12, 1997

Date of Sighting: 12-Jul-97 19:30

Location of Sighting: Lye Green/Chesham, Buckinghamshire

Brief Description of sighting: One, disc/jaffa cake shaped object. Was silver in colour. Was moving smoothly in a South Easterly direction.

Swindon, Wiltshire, England, UK; July 11, 1997

Date of Sighting: 11-Jul-97 00:10

Location of Sighting: Swindon, Wiltshire

Brief Description of sighting: Two, possibly three lights. Sometimes looked like fireworks or stars. All fairly bright. The lights were going round in tiny little circles.

Broadstone, Dorset, England, UK; July 10, 1997

Date of Sighting: 10-Jul-97 21:45

Location of Sighting: A350 Broadstone, Dorset

Brief Description of sighting: One object. It had two wings, but no fuselage. Was black in colour. Was heading in a North Easterly direction.

New Romney, Kent, England, UK; July 10, 1997

Date of Sighting: 10-Jul-97 20:00

Location of Sighting: New Romney, Kent

Brief Description of sighting: Two objects. Orange, green and red colours. The object was flashing. It was static.