Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland; April 26, 1999

Name: Alain Palinsky

Date: April 26, 1999; 1:23 am

Location: Villars-Sur-Ollon Switzerland

What did the UFO look like?: It was semi-spherical with a chain of lights in front. I couldn’t see what color it was, but I could make the outline out from the starlight.

Did the UFO do anything: It stopped over the Roc D’Orsay and hovered there for some time, about a minute before it flew over the mountain top.

Further Information: My watch stopped when it peaked over the mountain, and restarted once it left. My watch is a new Swatch, so I know it didn’t malfunction. If anyone else in the area saw the same object, please E-Mail me, no one here believes me.