Category: North Holland

Amsterdam, Netherlands; May 14, 2000

Name: Merijin Mol Date: May 14, 2000; 23:55.00 Location: Amsterdam the Netherlands What did the UFO look like: Like a star. the color was bright. Did the UFO do any strange things: When I looked it faded away, like it was moving away from… Continue Reading “Amsterdam, Netherlands; May 14, 2000”

Amstelveen, North Holland, NL; August 2, 1999

Name: RVe Date: August 2, 1999; 00:08:00 Location: (North-East of) Amstelveen What did the UFO look like, shape/size in relation to terrestrial objects/lights/colour : To my perception: At first it looked like a bubbled black windshield (2 bubbles) or a flyer, or maybe even… Continue Reading “Amstelveen, North Holland, NL; August 2, 1999”

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