UFO Theater: Thriller, The Mark of the Hand

Season1 Episode 4

A young girl is accused of murder and refuses to speak to anyone ever again.

UFO Theater: Thriller, Worse Than Murder

Season 1, Episode 3

When her dead husband’s late uncle fails to leave her any money, a scheming temptress uses his diary to blackmail her sick mother-in-law, who may have committed murder.

UFO Theater: Thriller, Child’s Play

Season 1, Episode 2

An 11-year-old boy neglected by his father gets so caught up in his fantasy world that he takes a real rifle to hunt down his made-up enemy, the evil Black Bart.

UFO Theater: Thriller, The Twisted Image

Season 1, Episode 1

Business executive Alan Patterson’s life takes a surreal turn when two mentally disturbed people independently wind up with fixations on his life. One wants to marry him, and the other wants to be him.

UFO Theater: Killers from Space (1954)

Dr. Douglas Martin (Peter Graves) is a nuclear scientist working on atomic bomb tests. While collecting aerial data on a United States Air Force (USAF) atomic blast at Soledad Flats, he loses control of his aircraft and crashes. He appears to have survived, unhurt, walking back to the air base with no memory of what happened. On his chest is a strange scar that was not there before the crash.