Northolt, West London, England, UK; September 27, 2009

Date of Sighting: 27-Sep-09 20:40

Location of Sighting: Northolt, Middlesex

Brief Description of sighting: Saw two UFOs. Looked like balls of fire. As they approached RAF Northolt the fireball went out. However, the craft was still visible and was in the shape of a jelly fish dome.


  1. I cannot remember the exact date as it was nearly 50 years ago. It must have been 1973-5.
    I was living in Northolt, London when a friend knocked on my door and dragged me across the road and up a pathway to a fence which surrounded a field that contained what we thought was a radio tower. It was early evening but light and clear skies.
    We saw 3 objects in the sky overhead.
    They looked like stubby cliches of a UFO… Disc-like with a dome on the top. They emitted lights which changed colour, coming from the edges of the disc.
    They would move individually in extremely fast jumps and the others would then also move. The pattern made no sense to me but they kept in close proximity to each other.
    The weird part was that they could move so fast and come to a complete stop with no slowing down. Their acceleration was also immediate. With no known way for this to happen, in my admittedly limited knowledge, I was fascinated, as were the others who watched it with me.
    After about 15-20 minutes of this movement – of fast shifts in placement and direction and hovering in-between – they suddenly came together and shot straight up into the air and disappeared from my sight.
    Several friends talked about it for a few days after – my best friend was with his family on the other side of the field and they also watched this occur.
    Not sure if this is of any help but I thought I would recount it just in case.


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