Lafayette, Indiana, USA; May 5, 2010

Date of Sighting: 5/5/10

Location of Sighting: Lafayette downtown area, IN.

Shape(s) of UFO(s): look like ordinary star in sky, but movin

Further Description of Sighting: Well about 10:30 pm 5/5/10, I looked up and see about 50-70 what looked liked ordinary stars in the sky were all moving in the same direction, even a few, just few, that were bright white, going in the same direction as well!

My girlfriend came out and couldn’t believe it! The damn thing was, couldn’t get a hold of the news channel 18! DAMN! called the police, the dumb broad says “well watch your local news and see if they say anything.” Dumb broad!!

It literally looked like an invasion, crazy shit, well hope someone else saw what I saw, and filmed it, my $450 DVD-R camera couldn’t get them, so how do people with cheap camcorders from the 90’s are able to capture these small, lightly lightened flying objects and I can’t, huh?

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