Rochester, New York, USA; Mid 1980s

Name: JDT

Date of Event: mid 1980’s

Location of Event: Rochester NY ~ Winton Rd South at the 590 entrance ramp

Message: I was with friend / roommate getting on the ramp on S Winton Rd heading north when we both saw a huge round ufo hovering just over the tree tops and buildings ( now known as Keller Williams Realty ). This was a silverish color and did not move an inch. It seemed stationary. I recall looking to my left as I was merging into the traffic and looking at a driver who didn’t seem to notice it.

The weirdest thing is we drove all the way to Ridge Rd , she realized she forgot her wallet at home so we turned around went home then back again to our destination and never spoke a word about it. Several years later after we went on with our lives I saw her and asked her if she remembered the night we saw the….. and she cut me off and just said yes. She made sure I understood she did’t want to talk about it.

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