Delta, Ohio, USA; August, 2009

Name: Maughan

Date of Event: Late August of 2009 or 2010

Location of Event: Delta Ohio

Message: Mr. Maughan was driving with his wife in 2010 or 2009,somewhere around then(it would have to be 2009 because his wife died before August of 2010), a little south of Delta and he was heading north and they were in a Toyota and he was driving,

the sun was setting and it was still orange on the horizon and there were no clouds in the sky and as they were driving he sees a UFO in the sky, he said it looked like a Baby Ruth Candy Bar, black with bumps on top of it, and he said it was pretty long and it was about 500 feet off the ground,

he said not that high and it was heading due west and flying towards the sun and he said it had no engines nothing shiny on it and it never deviated from its course and he had slowed the car down and his wife had seen it also and he watched it for a long time until he had to keep going,

he was on a road that had no intersections that went West any time close. He said the UFO was flying “not to fast but not to slow”. He said probably 50mph.

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