Santa Rosa, California, USA; August, 2020

Name: Matt Jensen

Date of Event: August 2020

Location of Event: Bennet Valley Santa Rosa CA

Message: I’ve been seeing bright lights in the night sky. They move slowly and have no flashing running lights. They are very bright and they are in our air space. They slowly fly over and then suddenly disappear in thin air. Some of them have several orbs around them when they go black. I’ve also seen white flashing strobe lights and these also just disappear and then reappear in an entirely new spot. These are not planes or satellites. I smoke outside in my backyard so I’m looking in the sky more than most do. This has been happening every night in July and August. In fact it happened around nine PM tonight , August 8th 2020. One more thing. Has anyone noticed that the Government has decreased the drones patrolling at night. I find that very weird and puzzling. Please let me know if someone else has seen these things. Remember to watch the night SKY!


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