Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, USA; June 10, 1982

Name: Mary Flynn

Date of Event: June 10th 1982

Location of Event: Worcester/Shrewsbury Massachusetts

Message: Coming home from an evening college class, approximately 10 – 10:20 pm. I was traveling on I -290 heading back from Worcester to Shrewsbury. I was eating malted milk balls and listening to Stevie Wonders new hit Isn’t She Lovely…driving at least 60mph in ny Malibu Classic….when something caught my attention. I looked up and saw something over the hood of my car…but it appeared to be stationary…but as I kept driving, it was moving over my car…it was metal -like aluminum and appeared scalloped and large…but as it continued to move over my car….I then saw a lot of different lights like you would see in a ressessed ceiling all beaming on and off at different intervals…they were white colored or some were blue…I do not remember.

I was in shock. I knew it was a UFO though…. I just knew it. Within seconds or moments this object moved over my car and was gone. I looked around but realized there were no other cars around me. I got home. 5-10 later…told my roommates….everyone laughed at me. I did call many radio stations, and the Worcester Airport. No one had heard from anyone else about any object in the sky or otherwise. I did contact the National UFO Service. I interviewed with them by phone.

Shortly after this incident I had a very clear premonition, more like an absolute knowingness …of something that was going to happen….and it did …just as I knew it would. I had never had anything like that ever happen…and have not since. No one will ever tell me anything different. This was a close encounter with a UFO.

I have shared this story with quite a few people through the years and sometimes people have said to me how do you know for sure it was a UFO and I would say this… when you have a close encounter with a UFO you don’t need to tap someone on the shoulder and ask them if they think you’re looking at a UFO… you will just know it…

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