Houston, Texas, USA; 2008

Name: Genaro Granados

Date of Sighting: 2008

Location of Sighting: Houston, TX

Shape(s) of UFO(s): Triangle lights only

Size(s) of UFO(s): about 45- 50 ft long… the distance of lights

Color(s) of UFO(s): lights only

Number of UFO(s): dont know if 5 or just 1


Direction of Travel for UFO(s): DON’T KNOW

Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): N?A

Further Description of Sighting: So me and a friend of mines (ADRIAN) are coming from my other friend’s house (LARRY) one night around 12 or 1 a.m. We were driving home in my truck when suddenly we saw an aircraft coming towards us. At first we thought it was maybe a chopper or an airplane……. but then again we thought it was way to low for an airplane… so we just thought it was a chopper.

This aircraft was about 2 blocks away from where we were. It was rare to us that it didn’t make no noise so we asked ourselves…. this is no helicopter…..as we came even closer the air craft came closer to us with no noise at all……..

We stopped in front of a reception hall called CELEBRATION HALL…. as we stopped and got off my truck we see five lights in a shape of a triangle coming towards us at maybe 5 to 10 mph with no noise.. we couldn’t really see what the aircraft was really made of cuz it was all black but we could only see the lights..

when we stared at it it suddenly became to a complete stop on top of the hall building just floating there…. we tried taking out our cellphones but for some reason they were dead….. we kinda got scared got in the truck and as soon as we did that the aircraft started moving again at a slow pace with a weird humming noise…

we saw this aircraft leave and going lower as if it was going to go down and land nearby but we were to scare to follow it…we then drove around the neighborhood confused and shocked of what we had seen…we talked about it and decided to go back to the direction where we saw the aircraft going down but we never saw anything again….

we went back to our friend’s house(LARRY’S HOUSE) and told all our friends what had happened and they just laughed at us… that’s why we never reported nothing again…. for fear that we might be considered crazy lol…

oh note!!!!! when we went back to our friend’s house the phones were back on fully powered… it was the most shocking experience i have ever had….. but it was definitely a one in a life time experience…

well i think so until i see another one and i really hope i see another one or many more in the future….if somebody would ever want to contact me and my friend to tell this story and make an official document we are more than welcome to do it and show you where exactly all this happened this is my email……… baggedoutcrewcab@yahoo.com or laidoutcrewcab@yahoo.com…… or a good contact number 832-782-7946

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