Stevens County, Washington, USA; September 29, 2017

Name: Ray Bartelds

Date of Event: September 29, 2017

Location of Event: Eastern Washington

Message: “On September 29/30, 2017, sometime between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am, I think around midnight, I witnessed a huge object, larger than the full moon would be. The object was circular, like a planet, and it appeared at first to have a gaseous composition, with no “wings” or tail.

I live in Stevens County, Washington. I was facing the south, generally, working on a car, and didn’t notice it at first. I just noticed the earth tremor-type rumblings I often now hear and feel were intensified. The noise level was way up from what I normally experience.

By the way, this on-and-off trembling started in early 2015 and continues to this day. I have lived here about 50 years and have worked closely with the land, being a farmer. I have not experienced these tremors and sometimes wave-like, rumblings before 2015. It drives me nuts, because no one I know seems to notice them.

Anyway, I noticed that around me, everything lit up like it was breaking dawn, with tints of red and yellow. There were sparkling, dancing lights on the trees. There was a thunder-like and roaring sound too. I looked up and thought at first it was the moon, and that it was way too close as I looked.

This was a planet-like object and was moving from East to Southeast, and down. At first the color was dark red, with a streaky, moving, black cloud, when the bottom suddenly shone bright yellow. I stared in disbelief as I looked hard, that’s not the moon! And I was sure it was going to hit us.

Then suddenly there was this moment when the gas surrounding the mass all swept upwards, towards the top, so that for a short instant, I could see what was underneath. It was very brutalized-looking, I was sure I did see some craters and rough rocky-looking formations.

Real harsh, and very unfriendly was my thought at that moment. The gases were moving around, and going back and forth, obscuring it once more. It then turned a dark red again, only now all the black “gas” was on top.

Then, the black gas started moving in black, hair-like streaks, breaking over the front of it, pulsating from the top toward the bottom while it was moving on past me. I watched as it disappeared from my view, dropping down below the horizon.

The whole event lasted less than 4 minutes. It never hit anything to my knowledge. It was a strange, horrible experience. Keep in mind, that the moon that night was, I think, in it’s waxing phase, because the next night I noticed the moon was a little more than half-moon, and was normal.

No one else I know witnessed this event, I checked online and no one else heard about it. Finally, however, I found a picture of the gas planet “Hercolumbus”, and it looks a lot like it.

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