Mill Valley, California, USA; May 26, 2019

Name: Jimmy K.

Date of Event: 5/26/2019

Location of Event: Over mill valley California

Message: Around 10:15pm. While walking my dog I noticed three faint star like points of light moving as one. A fourth point of light flared up as the three passed its position then it followed the other three. The fourth point of light faded and then disappeared as the other three continued onward.

It was quite unspectacular and yet odd. If I had to say, it had to have been very high, as no sound could be heard. Military crafts? Anyone else see this?

One comment

  1. North Central Idaho within an hour of your reported time heading east. Saw as many as 8-10 lights flying at high speed and altitude in a perfectly straight line pattern consistently spaced. The front four lights remained clear the lights in back of the formation faded in and out.


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