Knoxville, Tennessee, USA; 1950s

Name: Beverly Burchfield

Date of Event: 1950s

Location of Event: Burlington area of Knoxville,Tn

Message: On a Sunday afternoon when my little sister and I were in the yard playing, we heard a very loud noise. An airplane about the size of a car appears very low and just over us.

It resembled a modern day jet. It had no windows as I remember. Most strange, it hovered above us and was so close above my sister that I feared for her. Than it took off and was gone.

We ran in the house to tell about it. They acknowledged hearing the noise but otherwise ignored us. We also told a neighbor who also said she heard the noise. As no one seemed to really believe us, we let it go.

However over the years we continue to talk about it between ourselves. If we had not both seen it, we would think it was a dream. However we know there is some strange things no one talks about. The plane or object was not a helicopter or a model airplane. It was car size and was not saucer shape.