Elkhart, Indiana, USA; 1970s

Name: JOE

Date of Event: 1970S

Location of Event: ELKHART,IN

Message: I remember it was summer and dark outside. I went out to sit in my car with no wind blowing at all. After sitting in my car for a while the wind picked up and blew at about 20 mph.

At the time I lived along the upper Saint Joseph river. About 20 minutes after the wind picked up I looked to the north above the trees and saw an cigar shaped amber light. It passed from the west to the east.

About 15 minutes after it passed the wind died down. I heard that a UFO were found to travel along water paths.

2 thoughts on “Elkhart, Indiana, USA; 1970s

  1. Cassie Wright

    I live very near Elkhart, Indiana. I do believe you. The area you describe sounds like along the St. Joe River on Indiana Ave.. In mid-1980’s a friend of mine who worked late asked if I wanted her to stop by to pick me up to go back to McD’s for a “late burger.” We were driving along Indiana Ave when she started panicking, asking “What IS that?:” I didn’t see anything, ahead, in the dark on the road, kept telling her “Nothing!” She shouted , “not OUT there! UP THERE!” It moved north over the railroad yards, the speedway and hovered over us. We turned around and drove home fast. Her family made fun of her, until my mom read a police report in the newspaper,, “Strange lights seen over Elkhart, IN.” I still have the article. We weren’t the only ones. Ten yrs later, returning from work in Goshen on a frigid cold night, I stopped in Burger K., to grab a hot coffee on my way home (on S.R. 19.) There were two, nearly hysterical teen boys and three shook up cops (one Elkhart, one County, one State, I think) urging those boys to “CALM DOWN!” and telling them they shouldn’t have been out trespassing!” They kept shouting, “YOU SAW IT! You guys saw it too!” Police just looked at each other, didn’t say anything, bought the teens drinks and told them to “Be quiet before you start a riot in here!” That area is a very spooky place, Joe. I believe you, we saw it too.


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