Windsor, California, USA; August 8, 2014

Name: Cynthia

Date of Event: Aug 8, 2014. ( around 10:30pm)

Location of Event: Windsor, calif

Message: My dog seemed when usually focused on the living room window. I noticed an odd number of amber light reflections in the window. Curious, I opened the front door and was shocked to see 8 or 9 orange yellow orbs flying towards our house, except at a high altitude.

I called my husband and he was speechless. They increased their altitude and were silent, luminous, and large. One orb was larger than the rest and seemed to direct the other orbs as they split off from each other. Half flew East, the rest turned right, flying Northwest..

The largest orb flew foreword and then shot in reverse in a second, as if in a straight line. .All of them went dark simultaneously.

One comment

  1. On December the 2ed 2017

    As I paused packing boxes of my mother’s House, I stood at the top of the driveway in front to take a quick smoke break & take in some of that fresh brisk Sonoma County air.

    It was about 9:30 PM on a Saturday night. As I stood there embracing the beauty of the night sky,I found myself fixated on one star in particular. As my location at the time was but a few hundred yards from down town Forestville, this “star” seemed to be due South hanging over what seemed to be about Petaluma. Although I really have absolutely no idea of the altitude, size or exactly the location, l do know it was no “star”. How do I know it was no star?.. Well let me tell you something people. I have lived in Sonoma County the grater of 40 years. Although this country is a treasure of beauty it is far from being normal from time to time, I will be the first one to say “Yes, there IS something sooooooo much bigger than us out there”. But still have a hard time convincing MYSELF of my own words. I kept trying to rationalize the splendid show of color coming from this “star” I pretended that I never saw it move ether. It’s funny how the human will blatantly deny the truth it’s own eyeballs see, but here I am looking for confirmation that I’m not crazy & that maybe, just maybe I wasn’t the only one to see this..


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