Smyrna, Tennessee, USA; July 23, 2017


Date of Event: 7 23 17

Location of Event: smyrna tn

Message: red and green lights, no sound, hovering, then down and gone, area of i24 almaville rd and blackman, lights were constant not blinking

One thought on “Smyrna, Tennessee, USA; July 23, 2017

  1. James Brewer

    10/31/2017 approx. 10:00 pm l was watching t.v.& heard a helicopter fly over the house, then l heard it coming back towards the house.knowing a military helicopter does not usually change flight patterns. I look out the window to see a U.F.O it was enormous in size disc shape with bright red lights horizontally in the center.As the helicopter approaches suddenly vanished., with out a sound. All l could hear is the helicopter as it made its way over the mountain top.that U.f.O. was just hovering over the mountain. I could not believe what l was seeing!


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