Fremont, California, USA; 1965

1965, Fremont, California, I was encountered by a BOL, red ball of light in a field, I walked up to it, it started hovering, I felt like it was studying me for a long time, I couldn’t move, then it just went straight up & disappeared.

I was told by my 90 year old elder that they choose certain people, & it chose me. I’ve had many different experiences throughout my life so I definitely believe! đź‘˝

One comment

  1. I was at Glenmoor Elementary School in 1965ish and we were at recess and all of a sudden three silver saucer shaped UFO’s appeared in a triangular pattern over the playground, they hovered in the southwest sky and we were all frozen watching them. Then they were alternating positions until they came level with each other, they dropped slightly and then shot up and off to the south. We were all in shock. It was a warm day, maybe in May, and I recall that the next day there was an article about it in the Fremont Argus and The Daily Review newspapers.


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