Rochester, New York, USA; Summer, 1973

Name: Roberta Castro

Date of Sighting: Summer of 1973

Location of Sighting: Rochester, NY

Shape(s) of UFO(s): Round

Size(s) of UFO(s): Baseball Field

Color(s) of UFO(s): Multi Colored Windows

Number of UFO(s): One

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: Just above tree tops

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): South

Further Description of Sighting: I went to the store just down the street from my house about 9pm. When I came out about 15 minutes later and headed on foot back home and reached the corner bar I noticed people standing outside looking up at the sky. When I looked up I bout fainted when I saw this UFO.

It just glided and made no sound. Each window (what appeared to be windows)was a different color.(red, blue,yellow,green & orange)and went completely around the craft. Everyone there was completely silent, just watching it in disbelief of what we were all seeing. Then someone said, what is that? A man answered “it’s gotta be a UFO”.

I then went on home still amazed at what I saw. When I entered my home my then husband asked me what took me so long that I was gone an hour and a half. I looked at the clock because I thought I was only gone about 30 minutes but he was right. Where had I been for all that time??

I still cannot answer that. I called the airport and told the man that answered the phone about what I and other people saw but I don’t think he took me seriously.


  1. I don’t know if you had the same sighting as me, but as a child in Rochester NY in the 1970s (can’t remember what year), I was sick with a rare summer time flu. As a I was laying in bed in the late afternoon, I saw what resembled to me an object that looked like a torpedo on fire, traveling just above the tree tops. It was quick and gone in under a minute. When I told my mother what I saw, she dismissed it because I was sick.


    1. I have been looking for someone else who saw the same thing I did in Rochester NY either in 72 or 73. It was warm I remember, hot hiding under the covers. I was about 6. No mistake it was the size of a city block, just above the tree tops, several neighbors present. Silent but I could feel a hum. It glided very slowly. I guess mostly cigar shaped but kinda wide. I can’t close my eyes and remember lights around the ship, but I drew it that way as a child. I also remember news reports of tall metallic robot creatures with claws for hands removing a couple of car doors. Family later down played incident. However, they forget I was the one down the street with the neighbors trying to see the end of the ship. I ran back home and hide under the covers, I remember I was terrified and soaked, with sweat. I do remember that the men were going to follow it. Allegedly went to Aquinas Stadium or football field. I have an excellent memory. I know what I saw, but I guess I’m going to have to find someone who was younger than me at the time, and on my street, I think there was only 1 or 2 kids younger than me. The paper boy is the one who was banging on the door asking for help. Maybe he’s still around.


  2. August of 1973 outside of Brockport, NY. I observed a UFO hovering over a canal bridge. It was there 3-5 minutes. I was about 50 feet away.


  3. I remember clearly the day. My family and I were at the State Fair (?) in New York state. I was young maybe 7 or 8 and we had spent the day exploring all of the agricultural exhibits and looking at the farm animals. I think we went because my father was a cattleman at the time in Retsof. He managed a farm with Angus beef cattle and hogs. I remember it because it was hot and we had a picnic lunch in our blue Chevy Nova because fair food was expensive. We were there most of the day and my Dad wanted to leave before everyone decided the same thing. We went to the car in the large field used as a parking lot and there were people directing traffic. There were people arguing over who got to go out and in what order, sunburn faces and crying children. It was a mess. Then people started talking in a hurry and higher pitch voiced. There were 5-7 very bright lights over the fair and trees just slowly moving around. They weren’t big but appeared to be roundish and shiny. People started to point and cry out and my Dad made us get in the car. He wanted to leave right then but we couldn’t because everyone had the same idea. He got loud and angry and scared too. A couple of policeman came to help with the direction of everyone and they started to move us out. More policeman showed up. This went on for some time and the lights stayed there. They stayed even as it got dark and then they were gone. I would love to know if anyone else remembers it also.


  4. My family has never discussed this until now and I was surprised to find this posting when I Googled Rochester NY UFO sightings 1970’s. I wish Roberta had mentioned what part of the city she lived at the time of the sighting as it described exactly what we saw. My mother, 2 brothers and myself were walking home from visiting a neighbor several blocks away. My youngest brother has no recollection of the incident, he was 6 years old at the time. I was 8 and my older brother was 9. We were about a block away from our house when we saw a UFO up ahead of us over our house. It was low (just above the tree tops as Roberta described). We were scared and my mother said we had to get in the house. My older brother remembers thinking, why are we running towards it. I have no recollection of getting to our house, running up the steps or entering, or any memory of getting inside or what we did upon getting inside. I asked my older brother and mother if they remember and neither have any memory of getting to the house. The last thing we remember is rushing towards home to get inside. The description of the UFO matches exactly what we saw. We lived in the 19th Ward near Elementary School #30 Elwell S Otis.

    I would love to know what neighborhood you lived at the time of your sighting.


    1. Hi I just wanted to list my street name and where I lived near regarding ufo sighting in Rochester NY in Summer of 73 I believe. I lived on Bidwell Terrace, and went to school #34 and Holy Rosary.


  5. I believe this is the same sighting we saw. We pulled off the road along with several others. This discription is exactly what I remember seeing. My whole family watched this and eventually the craft without a sound took off like lightning toward Lake Ontario.


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