Wapello, Iowa, USA; July 29, 2010

Name: Emma Asher

Date of Sighting: July 29 2010 at 9:50 pm

Location of Sighting: Wapello, IA, Louisa County

Shape(s) of UFO(s): crescent shapes

Size(s) of UFO(s): 20ish foot wide by 10ish foot long

Color(s) of UFO(s): unknown but had one red light and one white light

Number of UFO(s): only one

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: about 100 feet

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): north east

Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): none

Further Description of Sighting: It made no sound at all. I saw it in the field and wondered what it was so I walked a little further and then it shot up in the air really fast. I ran in side and call for my sister and father and they came out. By time we got out there it was about 100 feet in the shy and slowly went over the house and as we were all in shock drove behind the barn and there were no signs at this time that were visible to what we could see.

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