Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania, USA; 1970s

Name: Chip cox

Date of Event: Between 1974-1981

Location of Event: Upper black eddy pa

Message: Im looking for info on this event . I was a little kid sometime in the mid to late 70s maybe as late as 80-82. I was living in upper black eddy Pa . I remember waking up in the middle of the night and running into my parents room and going up to the window facing the back yard. It was as bright as day time . I stood there looking out one window and my dad was looking out the other one. The house was completely illuninated although no lights and there was a very loud noise like a humming. The light would eventually move down the river and eventually went away. I remember my mother screaming and asking my dad why hes not grabbibing a gun as he went outside. All he said is,” it wouldnt do him any good”. Im def not saying it was a UFO but any info would be nice as i colud never get any answers out of my parents.


  1. I believe it was probably 1979. I was at overnight camp in bucks county. I noticed far off an object in the night sky with lights going around it. That same night while everyone was sleeping I heard a humming over the bunks. The next day most of the animals from our nature shed were dead. The grounds keepers Dog went crazy and slaughtered them all. I don’t know what it was and if it had anything to do with the dog going crazy. I’ve nd we really talked about it.


  2. I lived in Pipersville
    I saw this along with 4 other people along the river and then hovering over our barn .
    After it vanished a copter arrived and circled our barn and corn field ( on Erwin Road )

    Several years later we were interviewed by both MUFO and Navy Department
    The Mufo guy told us that several new jersey police officers also saw it .
    He also said that all unsolved UFO sightings up to that date involved water
    ( lakes rivers seas )


  3. Chip
    I think it was between 1974 and 1976
    Your description of the “light” is spot on.
    We watched it go down the river from the frenchtown bridge to our turn west to pipersville , as we drove along the river road .
    I can say this with all certainty.
    I saw a object that obeyed none of the characteristics of anything i had seen before or since
    It was event i will never firget
    It was confirmed as a unexplaned flting object by investigators
    It had no real lasting effect on my life
    My interpersonal relationships in my life have proven to be more influental and mysterious .


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