Trout Lake, Washington, USA; August 22, 2014

Name: Julio M. Barriere

Date of Event: August 22, 2014

Location of Event: Trout Lake, Washington

Message: Hi I’m presently at Mt. Adams, Trout Lake, Washington. Micheal Tellinger has a conference here at James Gililand estate. James Gililand and Ed Gremsley are here as well. I’m camping out and I was here two years ago.

Constant Ufos fly over this area every night all night long. I find more traffic with Ufos here than Joshua Tree. Both these places are hotbeds for Ufos and are sacred. Theirs no problems with the star ships that follow me around the world with these other benevolent super beings in both these places that I have travel. I spoke to these guests who came here at Mt. Adams for the first time and they didn’t even know of this disclosure was here.

Its unbelievable how the media doesn’t show our star people to our world. I looked up at the sky and spoke out to these star people that are passing over and also I spoke to the star people that follow me. I told them that we should have more global peace in our world. That all benevolent extraterrestrials should have more peace throughout the intergalactic universes.

I’m traveling around the country and the world to introduce my star fleet. Julio M. Barriere


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