Spiro, Oklahoma, USA; 2003

Name: Unknown

Date of Sighting: 2003

Location of Sighting: Spiro,OK

Further Description of Sighting: I do have trouble writing this but people must know. I first saw a U.f.o in my hometown of Spiro,OK and it was in the year 2003 the object i seen was toward the AR border it was 9 lights that resembled the Arizona lights. I only recently found the similarities in them, it came back several times that year and the following 2 .

I have only recently seen odd lights again not the same ones but Maybe 2 weeks ago they started first it was the one light (white-orange glow), with a sort of upward downward motion and then it would fade away. It came back for a week straight only never in the same position and around the light and near you could see jets flying past it and circling back i believe i counted 12 in one night.

Then following this i seen 2 orange lights appear then flying northwest to south east then faded out in the middle of the sky! They came back three nights in a row, now i have been looking at these same stars since a child now i have noticed a light to the northeast maybe 2 miles in the sky toward the AR border, another directly east Near AR, And 1 more toward the south west. Now i am very freaked out by this sudden increase in activity and also the fact that this lights are obviously not planes or jets or stars (they are too low and bright)to be stars.

please if anyone has seen these lights i would say in LeFlore county or Pushmata county southwest sky . plz let me know im not crazy.

3 thoughts on “Spiro, Oklahoma, USA; 2003

  1. Greg

    I lived in Spiro and when I was 17 around 2003 and I seen those lights looking towards Fort Smith. They would be there every night for months. My friends and family would all watch them.


  2. Justin Roberge

    Me too. Seen plenty of weird. One day several pink light shot into to sky witch I didn’t se. It was my brother and his friend coming back from the store. But on their way back we heard a strip of fircrackes that went off in all directions and none from a single spot twice. Seen Alot of “spaceship like activity”. And other sorts of things that more resemble paranormal. Just to be short. Also a sudden disappearance of sightings in whictch I’ve “clued” a source. No more weird cars either. Lol


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