Crescent City, California, USA; 1968

Name: Mike

Date: Circa 1968

Location: Crescent City, California

Message: Approximately 1968 when I was 12, about seven of my friends and I were having a campfire in my back yard in crescent City ca. I was a kid that could name every aircraft by site. I loved airplanes. We were always star gazing at night. I spotted a falling star and pointed it out to my friends. It had no tail, just a white shooting “star”. It fell a good distance from high in the sky at a slight right to left angle towards the earth ,then to our amazement stopped in mid air for just a split second, at which time it went across the sky in a horizontal movement, stopped, fell at another right to left angle, stopped, went horizontal again, stopped, and continued at an angle beyond the horizon, never blinking out but staying bright the whole time. It looked like something going down stairs.

There was no sound and no blinking lights or rotating beacons. I have always remembered this and the the older I get the more I realize that in 1968 there wasn’t anything that could do that. I don’t think there’s anything that could do that today. Am I wrong? Neat stories and neat memories. They made me a believer over the years. It’s fun to share them with someone.thanks again…Mike

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