Williamsburg, Virginia, USA; March 13, 2008

Name: anonymous

Date: March 13, 2008

Location: East end of the I295-I64 interchange, Williamsburg, Virginia

Message: We live on the east end of Richmond near the airport. My brother-in-law called my husband around 5:30am yesterday (March 13th) to let him know that he just saw a UFO. It was Triangular and silent. He thought it was some sort of weird helicopter, but realized this was not that.

This object was around the east end I295-I64 interchange, just above the tree line. He said he was pretty close to the object.

We live approx 5 miles from the interchange and could see a bright light in the sky at the tree line. This looked similar to a star, but this wasn’t that. This wasn’t an airplane either (a commercial one) because this thing just hovered for awhile.

My husband left for work around 6am to Williamsburg. He told me that he saw it for a little until a jet (Possibly Air National Guard in Sandston) flew towards it. The object went back towards the east in the opposite direction it was traveling in. He was able to take a picture of it with his cellphone.

I know others HAD to have seen this in the east end, especially those driving on the highway or Rt.60.

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