Columbia, South Carolina, USA; January 28, 2008

Name: Dave

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

Date: January 28th, 2008

Message: Hey man, first of all, we are also in Columbia, SC in the Northeast.

Our daughter and her friend saw a cigar shaped metallic object hovering over the trees at school Monday January 28th, 2008. They were outside on the playground painting with the rest of the class at Round Top Elementary and they both happened to look up and see it. They said they were very scared and the other girl said oh my god it’s a UFO.

When they looked around to see if anyone else had seen it it was gone. They didn’t say anything because they were scared and now they won’t even talk about it. Our daughter says it appeared to be about the size of a house, that it was completely stationary over the trees and made no noise. It also reflected the sun and seemed to be metallic with no doors or windows. She estimates they viewed it for about 2 minutes before it just disappeared.

Now for the second and even more astonishing part! Our 16 year old son on February 2nd at approximately 2 or 2:30 AM (he’s a gamer!) came into our room very excited saying he had just seen something similar to what our daughter reported outside of his window hovering above the house. He said it was cigar shaped with blue and red lights and a sort of beam of light coming from the front.

It had no doors or windows. He said it appeared to be fairly low over the house, was very large probably 30 feet or so in length and had no visible exhaust or way to be suspended over our house. He said he went to get a camera in the family room but it was gone when he returned. This was the same night you saw a cigar shaped object. I just wonder how many other people see things and dismiss them. I mean we weren’t going to say anything, I just happened to be searching for sightings in Columbia and saw the 2nd of February! Feel free to email me, I couldn’t find your email listed on the page so I just posted on here.

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