Portland, Oregon, USA; August 7, 2008

Name: S.Croraven

Date of Event: 8-7-2008 at 11:45pm to 12:10AM

Location of Event: Portland, OR

Message: I went outside to take my dogs out before closing up for the evening. That night, the sky was partially cloudy but the cieling level (visibility) was quite high. While facing south (since that was the direction my dogs head to to do their business), the pulsing light of a star caught my attention…

The pulse seemed more like one long throb and so I looked up and quickly found that the light I had seen was easily 3 hand-widths above my visible horizon and was not a light coming from ‘space’ (like an actual star).

The light got VERY bright white, then quickly faded out. I stood there thinking it seemed different than planes coming head-on from the south (direction of CA) and actually higher than what would be the norm for incoming jets.

About 5-10 seconds later, the light re-appeared aproximately 2-3 fingers in width to the left of where it started from. From there, it moved incredibly slowly, moving from it’s southern location, towards the north. While watching it, the light continued to fade in and out.

Every time the single light faded out, it would re-appear in a slight different spot and at a slightly different angle than the direction it would be going while remaining lit.

At the light’s smallest, it would look like the standard glow that a satelite would give off as it moved across the sky. At the light’s brightest, it would look like a candle flame.

What was really strange was that about a week prior, both my wife and I had taken our dogs out at around that same time, and I had seen the same light, but it did not re-appear. I just dismissed the incident as a mere fluke, or possibly a shooting-star coming in at a more direct angle as opposed to streaking across the sky.

But on 8-7-2008, I watched that light for almost a half-hour…moving incredibly slowly from the original point I had scene it, to move north about 2 hand-lengths before it simply turned off and was visible no longer.

Since I live parallel to incoming planes, when they come in at night, the lights they have are multi-colored as well as having 2-6 total lights. When they are coming in from the south with the intention to land at PDX, they seem to come in above the visible horizon at about one hand wide…2 tops, before making an easterly turn, which takes them from about the Keizer/Wilsonville air-space to the Clackamas/Estacada air-space, then over Larch Mountain before making a direct bee-line into PDX for a landing. I’ve lived in this area for 20 years…and I’ve seen this general flight pattern day after day.

Now, since I’ve seen this light TWICE…within a week…I want to know what the heck it is. It was not a plane, nor a satellite, and it was not a helicopter. It was higher than the clouds, but not in what I would consider ‘space’. If it was in ‘space’ then I would be inclined to say the object would be huge if that were the case.

I’ve had the opportunity to see rocket launch, the shuttle land, and satellites fall to earth…not to mention some awsome meteor related displays…but I’ve never seen a ‘light’ like that.

If anyone can shed some light, let me know.

Thank you!

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