Meraux, Louisiana, USA; October 12, 1973

Name: Sue

Date of Event: October 1973 sometime between 12th and 17th

Location of Event: Mereaux, Louisiana

Message: My family,husband and 4 young children, was visiting my brother and his wife in Mereaux,(in St. Bernard), LA. We were laughing and joking about the past weeks news involving Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson who claimed to be abducted and examined by aliens in Pascagoula,Mississippi which is not far from where we lived.

That happened Oct.10,1973. Their story had been plastered all over the news all week and it was the joke of our small town. It was approximately 4-6 days later that we were leaving my brothers house, I looked up and said, “Let’s look for U.F.O.’s”, making fun of the news reports. My brothers house was right along side of the Mississippi River.

In the distance, I saw a large glowing light on the other side of the river zipping toward us.It moved extremely fast over the river, over head and past us. It stopped dead in the sky for a few brief seconds and then zoomed across the river again…stopped dead and then zoomed to our side again, this time closer to the river. It was the classic saucer shape much like you see in comic books.

Even though it was dark out, it was a clear night and the saucer was close enough for me to see that it was metallic colored but glowing and almost looked like windows around the top half of the saucer. After several passes back and forth over the river the craft stopped dead over the middle of the Mississippi river.

It glowed and changed color like gold and orange as I can remember. Then we could see the bottom open and something large and on fire was dropped into the river. The bottom of the saucer closed and it zipped off again in a instant. We never told anyone. We didn’t want to be laughed at after all the news coverage about Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson.

Actually, we never spoke of it again, not even to each other and it was strangely forgotten. Many years later I asked my husband and brother if they remembered the incident and they said “Yes, Kind of”. I have always wondered why we never talked about it over the years. My memory is fairly clear and I can picture it still, after all these years. The others that saw it say that they slightly remember. Isn’t that strange?

I would love to know if anyone else reported seeing what I saw. The saucer was large, flew low and close and this was a popluated area. I’ve read a lot about U.F.O’S after my sighting but have never read that anyone reported a burning object being dropped out of the bottom. Sue

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