Waterloo, Iowa, USA; April, 1995

Name: Sheri

Date: April, 1995

Location: Waterloo, Iowa

Message: In april of ’95 I saw something that defies explanation. I live in waterloo, Iowa and this craft was seen by myself in a very lit up and populated area. Funny thing is, it was about 10pm and the streets were somewhat bare with only a few passing cars, yet nobody seem to see what I was seeing. They all passed me staring straight ahead with no notice of this thing hovering just above the street light or even me standing outside my car on the side of the road!

It was triangle shaped and no bigger than a helicopter in comparison. It was gray-black in color and had a light on each tip. (green, red and amber) The thing about it I remember most was the fat “piping” that ran the entire underneath of it. The craft was so close that all that was visible to me was the underneath as it loomed above the street lamp. Definitely the strangest thing I have ever seen in my entire life! The next day I called air traffic control to see if there had been any other sightings from other people and was told that there was nothing reported by anyone but myself. They took down my statement by phone, for “log purposes” and that was the end of that.

A few weeks later 3 men came to my home inquiring about my sighting but refused to come in. Only one spoke of the three and when I reached out to shake their hands ( the two closet to me) they didn’t shake my hand! Tho they were very professional and polite in manner, the fact that they wouldn’t shake my hand struck me as odd. They asked a series of questions and then left and that was when the strangest part happened. When they first arrived knocking at my door, I greeted them and noticed right away that they didn’t come by car. Here were these 3 men wearing dark suits and neatly combed hair and no perspiration, tho the day was unseasonably warm. If they had walked they most definitely would have shown signs of exertion.

When they left, I ran to my front window to watch them leave but they were gone! I lived on a dead-end and the woods are on the one side of my home and so the only way they could’ve taken, I would have been able to see! Another thing is, they knew my name but when I asked them how they knew, there was no answer. Also, when I asked them if they knew what it was I saw, no answer.

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