Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska, USA; October 16, 2007

Name: Ray

Date of Event: 10/16/07

Location of Event: Talkeetna Mountain above Purches Creek

Message: I regularly view the stars in the night sky from home in the Talkeetna Mountains. I noticed a bright light in the sky with an intensity I had never seen before in my 5o years of life.

I looked at it through my Nikon binoculars and it continued to hover in one spot for about 15-20 minutes. They appeared to be some distance away. maybe 50-100 miles? When I look at it with the binoculars, it appeared to be a rectangular row of white light on stacked upon another, as thought there were two rolls of these white lights. On the upper edge of the white lights, there seemed to be multi-colored lights dancing on the edge of the white lights.

Suddenly the object split in two and one part circled slowly in a counter clockwise fashion until it hovered side by side with the other white light. There were clouds in the sky and you could barely make out some other faint stars in the sky.

You could see the reflection of the intense beems of light these object shown upon the nearby clouds. Then the objects took turns turning on and off there lights. Once they would  turned their lights off the object would glow red for 20-30 seconds. When then object glowed in glowed in the shape of cube. When the white lights with colored lights came on they appeared rectangular.

Then it gets even more strange. I know this sounds hard to believe but it now appeared to be three objects hovering side by side. The object on the far left now turns completely golden (I mean golden!)with these weird violet colored some what diamond shapes in a sraight pattern across the object. This object appears to have the shape of the head of a mushroom. It seems to have swollen up to a size several times the size of the other two objects and held this shape for maybe a minute and then instant lights out from this object.

They other two object continue to hover side by side for another 10 minutes or so an then slowly cruise off untill the mountain obsured my view.

My wife was witness to this event although she did not witness everything as she had just arrived home when the incident occured.

I know some of this sounds strange and doesn’t make sense but I have only tried to report the event as it really happened.

I never really believed in UFO’s until I saw one that day.

UFo’s do exist. I just wish I knew what they were doing here and what if anything did they want.

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