Northport, New York, USA; September 24, 2008

Name: Robert Baxley

Date of Event: September 24th 2008 at 7:45 pm

Location of Event: Crab Meadow Beach, Northport, New York ( On Long Island, County of Suffolk, North Shore)

Message: unexplainable sightings over long island sound on Wednesday, September 24th 2008… the bright yellow lights on the craft would go from being very bright to dim and dark dark red. sometimes they would turn off the light and just hover in one spot. They reminded me of the ship darth vader flew in star wars. it was a 3 winged aircraft that was absolutely silent as it rocketed towards me and my friend on the beach. we called some of our friends, and they confirmed there were possibly 8 to 10 of these things.

The first one came right towards the beach, about 1,000 feet in the air, maybe 3,000 yards out over the sound. it then sped up, whipped around and went in another direction, toward connecticut. we watched as it shined its light on connecticut, the whole horizon was brightened from where we stood, 30 miles away. It then appeared to land, or at least to us it looked like it was hovering in one spot, almost on the ground but not quite touching. then we kept on seeing airplanes(probably commercial) flying towards it, past it, around it…as if they were trying to see it.

We saw lots of these things, you can describe the light they shine as a vivid yellow light, which seems like it was pulsing almost, maybe flickering is the word im not sure. Then it would turn off its bright light, and turn on dim red lights. A total of 6 people watched this entire thing from 7:45 until after 10pm. Truly amazing, i never believed in ufos. Never, … not until now.

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