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Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: July 4th 2001 around 7p.m.

Location of Event: New Kensington, PA.

Message: On July 4th, 2001 (I’m just now able to admit to others) my sister and I (and my 2 year old grandson were grilling outside just when the sun was starting to go down a bit when I spotted above the apartment building I was living in at the time a helicopter shaped object that had lights on the side of it. It was without the other things that a helicopter would have, and it was quiet and just hovering above the roof.

Then it looked like us and it were just staring each other down when it turned to face us. It seemed like it started to come at us, and that’s when my sister and I and my grandson quickly went into the house. My grandson said, “That was nice!” He wasn’t aware of how I was shaking with fear! We later decided (about 15 minutes later to go and investigate. Maybe it WAS a helicopter.

A medical one, we told each other and ourselves. But there was no sign of it. In the back of the building there were so many vehicles parked there that it couldn’t have landed there. It just quietly disappeared. Another thing, it tipped down in the front whenever we thought it was coming after us, and paused there from its tipping position!!

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