Naples, Florida, USA; Summer 1961

Name: Donna

Date of Event: In summer 1961 or 1962

Location of Event: The road through the Everglades from miami to Naples

Message: I was only 12 at the time. My mom and I were traveling from my aunt’s in Miami to a relatives in Tampa.

It was about dusk when I saw a bright spot in the sky behind us. It was high up so we thought it was an airplane.

The light came in fast towards the back of our car. My mom was frightened and speeded up but it stayed about 50 yards behind us and up off the road about the height of a telephone pole.

It stayed close behind us all the way to Naples. I was screaming and my mom was scared. We came into Naples at 100 miles per hour and pulled into the very first gas station we saw.

The light flew off to the south about a minute before we got into Naples, FL.

The man in the gas station said we were the third people that day to come in talking about seeing a light behine them traveling from Miami.

It was just a very bright light – we couldn’t tell any shape.

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