Mishawaka, Indiana, USA; July 13, 2008

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: Sunday, July 13 around 9:30 pm

Location of Event: Mishawaka, IN Northern Indiana

Message: Family was sitting outside just as the sun was going down. Glowing light appeared and danced around. We thought that it was a plane on fire, but it seemed to float for awhile. We have a wide open view of the sky and we saw the same thing about 2 weeks ago, and passed it off as maybe a firework. Wife got video camera out and got several minutes of footage, then battery went dead, even though it said it had plenty of time left on it. When zooming in, it looked like a large screen t.v. with a maze on it.

Cannot decide if that may be the way the camera shot the light in a close up. Took some digital pictures, but they only showed up as an orange light. No sound at all. Would disappear and then show up in another spot in the sky. Did this 5-6 times. Then looked like it shot straight up into the sky and the light went out. Showed up 1/2 hour later and did the same thing.

Whole family witnessed it. I called the local television station to see if anyone else reported anything strange. They said it was a lantern firework and not to worry about it. I took video to two firework stores to show it to the owners and neither said it looked like any firework they had seen.I do see others reports here from the area during the month of July. Especially the one from Goshen, IN which is relatively close to us.

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