Miami, Florida, USA; August 12, 2008

Name: Graham and Albert

Date of Event: 8-12-08 at 1:20-1:35

Location of Event: Miami, Florida. Kendall Drive

Message: My friend and I were sitting on the trampoline outside my house just talking. Suddenly I saw a minute blue object dissappear behind him. We found out that it was probably a shooting star or comet. Then about 10 minutes later literally right above our heads we saw a white rectangular object fly at an amazing speed, possibly the speed of light, about 10 or so feet above us and it dissappeared into the trees without making any noise or without any rustling of leaves. Without making any sound we looked at each other dumbstruck by what just happened. So we started to look around some more.

We kept seeing more shooting stars in the area. These were fast but they were blue. Suddenly, looking out to the freeway we saw the same thing again fly by! It wasn’t something that flew by completely; it was like the other one. It appeared at one point in time and just dissappeared in about 2 or 3 seconds. These seemed pretty close to us so we aren’t sure if anyone else could have seen them. We aren’t even sure if they were UFO’s ,but maybe paranormal activity. If you have any information about things like this or saw it at the same time please contact us! We know this happened. We both saw them at the exact same time.

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