Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA; March 16, 2008

Name: If anonymous, leave this, too.

Date of Event: March 16th 2008 @ about 3:15 am

Location of Event: about mile marker 110 on I-10 west of Las Cruces NM looking in a northly direction

Message: My friend was driving and I was in the passenger seat my sister was sitting right behind me and we were westbound toward Deming NM on March 16th 2008 at about 3:15am. the moon was close to full moon and it was a scattered cloudy night. something caught my eye out the passager window toward the north. I saw a green streak of light dropping below the broken cloud cover it was flickering in intensity and saw small white light fragments breaking away and dropping out below it.

I said ohh, ohh, ohh, and was pointing toward it when the green light disapeared and my sister and friend looked where I was pointing. The green streak of light appeared again, but brighter then before. The green light had changed direction and as it started to climb in altitude it start to excelerate. the green streak was like a cheap special effect from the movie TRON and didn’t look like anything burning, but like it was bleeding off steadly.

By this time all of us were staring at the object. It was now visible thru the front windshield of the truck by me and it was rising at an angle of about 30 degrees when there was a whitish flash and then it started slowing down and dropping altitude again. it was flickinging in intensiity then the light just went out. This all took place with in a span of 6 or 7 seconds.

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