Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; August 14, 2008

Name: Rhonda

Date of Event: 8/14/08 9:30 or 9:45 PM

Location of Event: Southside of Indianapolis, IN USA (near US 31 South)

Message: After returning home from the Indiana State Fair — my daughter (12 yrs. old) saw something that at first she thought was a helicopter going very, very fast. And she stated how she had never seen one going that fast. I told her maybe in was from the Hospital going to an accident. At a stoplight I saw what she had seen and it was not looking like a plane or any helicopter I had ever seen — it went from South and headed East — really fast.

A short time later, it seemed to just disappear – we saw another one come in from the East and then it went really up high and out of view. After parking when we were home — my daugher saw it again, only this time it was maybe 500 ft. above tree level — it was so large looking — like a platform and a rectangular shape with some lights around it that blinked and it made absolutely no noise at all — that was very unusual to both of us. During this sighting it was going really slow — just above a hover and it had no wings at all.

My daughter asked me if it was a UFO and I said, “Well, it is to us, as it is flying and we cannot identify it”. She thought she saw it again tonight (8/16/08) — way up high in the sky and going very, very fast (around the same time) — I did not see it this time as when she spotted it I did not look up quickly enough to notice it. It was pretty strange — first time I think that I’ve really ever seen anything I couldn’t explain. We don’t have video’s or pictures.

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