Indiana, USA; September, 2007

Name: Anna Bennett

Date of Event: Around Midnight…September

Location of Event: Southern part of Indiana

Message: My boyfriend and his sister had just left Virginia that day heading home to see me in kansas on his leave from the army. When he called me hysterical. Him and his sister testified that they were driving in the middle of nowhere and he saw what he thought was a radio tower. He said his sister was dozing, and as he came closer to the tower he noticed, there was no “tower” part. He then said it came up upon the car very fast and went past the car. He woke up his sister scared, and told her the story.

Then the object came back up hundreds of feet above the car. He said he was traveling about 80 mph scared beyond scared, and even more terrifying was the fact that the object was keeping pace with him. His sister was crying, he then said two more came into view. And like the first they were small, and got large and were instantly closer. Then a fourth one appeared, he said as soon as they were about 20 miles outside of the nearest town, they seemed to life higher. And all of them were gone. He’s an aviation mechanic, and told me that he knew they weren’t aircraft, they had no aircraft lights. I don’t know what he saw, but he was terrified.

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