Elko, Nevada, USA; June 14, 2008

Name: Tracy

Date of Event: June 14, 2008

Location of Event: Elko, Nevada

Message: Oh my…it’s good to see someone else saw those red lights. We were heading south on 80 when we (5 of us) were heading home…why didn’t we take pictures? The camera mysteriously couldn’t be found…crap! Somebody had to have taken video or a picture. I wish it were me. They (the lights) were too high for tower lights and had nothing around them, you could clearly see clouds behind them, they moved together then dropped and dissappeared.

They did last a very long time…over an hour. Why in the world did no one report this in the newspaper? We did call 911, and yes, they did no there were more calls. Very interesting. I would like to know what they were…or do I? I check out the night sky alot more now!!!

One comment

  1. At 3am June 19 2020 , I saw 11 all in formation going east, no colored lights all stationary in a square, they dropped into a straight line and flue away.


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