Bayou Chicot, Louisiana, USA; November 22, 1996

Name: Chris

Date of Event: 11-22-1996

Location of Event: Bayou chicot, louisiana

Message: I was inside my girlfriends house, her father was outside sitting on the ca, this was about 8:30 pm and it was a clear night.this was just south of turkey creek, louisiana, in a place called bayou chicot,, which is thousands of acrea’s of woodland.

Her father called me outside, he told me to look up at the stars,, i thought he was kinda nuts, he pointed out a star that seemed to be very bright, orange and red with some blue in it. there were 4 or 5 of these lights, they were very far away it seemed.

I told him they were probally sattellites, he said watch,, all of a sudden one of the lights that was in the very east side of the sky, travelled to the opposite side of the sky in a smooth motion, and reached the complete opposite horizen in about 3 seconds, at the distance the light was, to travel this fast they would have to been going around mach20, because i have watched fighter jets like f-16 and f-14’s practing over the gulf of mexico breaking the sound barrier,and thats just mach 1 or 2, and this thing was 10 times that fast and without sound.

well the other lights then each moved like this, two of them went to the other side of te sky then kinda zig zag up and dow and side to side probally covering 100 miles. then they would stop in midair, they were extremelyy far away and we could not see any shape to them but we were both sure that this was not any technology that our USA had at that time.

i went home that night and though about it, well about 3 hours later he called my dads house, whom i lived with, at about midnight and told me that 6 military helicopters flew over his house and were circling the area in thw woods around his house( there are 1,000’s of acrea’s of woods, and it is extemely thick and hard to navigate.

since then i have belived alot of stories i here.i know it is hard to belive but on several occasions since then when i am offshore working on a platform if i look up in the sky,, sometimes you can see these same lights, the reason not many people notice them is because they dont move alot,, they might sit and hover where they are for twenty minutes but when they move you will see it,, it is very smooth and doest leave a streak like a meteor, then it just stops suddenly and hovers

Chris Lejeune

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