Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA; July 10, 2008

Name: bernadette walsh

Date of Event: july10th 2:00pm

Location of Event: pennsylvania north of norristown

Message: very strange, was out on my deck smoking. saw lights at a distance(north) no helicopter sounds or light similarities. called my hubbby out to look….upon gazing both of our eyes experienced something like a play of light over the trees, but no actual light was there. Also we experienced a narrowing of vision. it would be hard to focus at moments.

It was completely still . reddish light emitted and flashed sideways. looked like a star abit, yet was pulsing too quickly…felt an energy when the perceived light would glow over the tree brush…at one point it kind of took your breath. My eyes feel a bit funny. My husband said it freaked him out and returned inside. there was no discernable shape just starlike. no hovering helicopterlike movements. just a strange stillness and energy. Has anyone seen this? I’m not crazy…just had a newborn 6 months ago…no history of mental illness…any input?

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