Elko, Nevada, USA; June 14, 2008

Name: marcy

Date of Event: Saturday night, June 14, 2008 around midnight

Location of Event: Elko, Nevada

Message: My husband and I were visiting Elko, NV and decided to take a walk late in the evening. As we walked west, we noticed a woman standing outside one of the Star Hotel restaurant staring at the sky. When we looked up, we saw two small red lights in the sky, near the moon. (According to the almanac, the moon was 86% full and wouldn’t set until 2:13am.)

The two red lights were moving, slowly towards the southwest. The first of the two lights was moving faster than the second one.

As we watched (there was no sound, no airplanes, nothing that could have explained the lights) we met other people who were watching the lights. One of the locals said that he had been watching the two lights for over an hour. He said they had moved from the northwest to the southwest. Everyone was spellbound by the lights.

After a while, the first of the two red lights flared and then slowly dimmed and then it disappeared.

The second light changed course, and headed west before disappearing behind some trees.

We read nothing about it in the local paper, and emails sent to both the newspaper and the police department have not been answered.

My husband is 67 and I am 57. We are both highly educated and intelligent.

This is our first UFO experience. My husband and I are not believers in UFOs but what we saw defies our imagination.

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