Bruneau, Idaho, USA; August, 2006

Name: Richard

Date of Event: August, 2006

Location of Event: Thirty miles Southeast of Bruneau Idaho at the Juniper Butte Air Force bombing range.

Message: At about 01:00 while prepairing to leave a millitary bombing range, (at which I was part of team of fire and facility maintenance personnal) I was walking out to one of the fire trucks to remove the ignition keys, prior to exiting the facillity for the night.

As I made my way toward the truck, I glanced up at the stars as I usually did, admiring how bright and close they appeard without the affect of reflected light from the city.

It was then that I noticed a large triangular shaped craft, that appeared to have mirrors attached to the bottom of it, moving slowly toward the North (Bennett MTN.)I was struck in awe at the sight of it as it appeared to be translucent with no distinguishing lights or markers that might have indicated regular aircraft.

There were three fighter jets following it at a distance, I could tell they were fighters by their sound and the flashing strobes on the wing tips..
As I was making my way back to the obsercation post, to get the attention of my work mates, the object incresed in speed pulling way ahead of the fighters and dissapeared.

Shortly after its dissapearance, the three millitary fighters, reversed there course, and proceeded in a Westerly course returning to M.H.A.F.B.

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