Bridgewater Township, New Jersey, USA; June 13, 2008

Name: David Sralik

Date of Event: Friday night 6-13-08 1 AM

Location of Event: Bridgewater NJ

Message: I was driving up 202 to go to Chester NJ for the weekend. My girlfriend is there and I have been going up for the last 2 years. I noticed what at first looked like lights from towers that alert airplanes. I have never notice them before. There were 4 lights in a rectangle. Only one was flashing red. As I was getting closer to them, they started to move.

I pulled my car over and observed this formation moving for about 10 minutes. it was directly behind the Ortho McNiel building. The formation was large and there was no noise. The formation moved to the right, stopped and then decended to the left. It was very close to the tree line. I did not see any other lights like a captins cabin of an aircraft. it was amazing.

The one light that was flashing looked like a normal light from an aircraft but this was not even close to being a helicopeter. It was very large and made no sound. i am bringing my camera up on the next trip

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