Ashville, Alabama, USA; June 28, 2008

Name: alice

Date of Event: June 28, 2008; 10:00pm

Location of Event: Ashville, AL

Message: For the past three nights, I have seen the same UFO in the same place. At the same time. (Last night I took video of it, too)

The first night that I saw it, it moved around in the sky a lot more than it did last night. It was also considerably brighter the first night I noticed it.
It looked to just be a really bright light, but it had red lights, blue lights, green lights, and sometimes almost yellow-ish looking lights on it. Sometimes the UFO would be mostly red, sometimes mostly blue, sometimes mostly green.

Then every once in awhile, all of the lights would be turned off except for a few small ones, when this happened, I couldn’t get any more video of it. – It wouldn’t show up.

I saw the UFO move consistently up, but it would also move from side to side and in little circles. At sometime after 12am, the lights slowly all turned off and then it was “gone.”

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